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The class of ’08, Cardiff University. And yes, it was just how Maciej Dakowicz portrayed it. London followed and with it my entry point into an industry I find more like a passion than a job today. After doing the intern rounds at the likes of McCann Erickson, I started as a wee Grad at Wunderman. I passed past the two giant cats each morning for a few years learning the trade of account planning before moving over to Blue Hive to work on Ford across Europe. 

During this time, key friendships from university started to morph into business. An idea was had about making the first website to use the Instagram API, but to just show cat photos. We did it. And a few years later that had somehow morphed into We Make Awesome Sh. A 5 man team that just does it how it should be done. 

After Blue Hive came POKE. A shop I’d always wanted to work at. A culture that was more frat house than agency but thrived because of it. And an agency that ultimately led to me moving to New York and joining Wieden and Kennedy where I worked for just under 3 years on brands including Squarespace, Spotify, Heineken, Southern Comfort and Delta Airlines. Then, at the end of 2016, I joined Droga5 and it's from here that I write this bio.

So that’s my story. And below is some of my work. Click on anything of interest to find out more. 

Diolch am stopio gan.